Drive-In Movie Theatre
Lumsden, SK

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Saturday October 14: GREASE!

Showtime 8:30pm

A special thank you to our sponsors who help make the drive-in possible

All the important stuff you need to know before coming out
- movies will be displayed on an outdoor screen. This means it could sometimes sway a bit in the wind, have a wrinkle, moonlight on screen, etc. Regina and area has several chain cinemas with awesome sound and picture quality for when you want that "perfect" audio and video. We strive to put the best product on screen, but are not perfect to those standards. People come to the drive-in movie for the experience of outdoor cinema. If you adjust your expectations accordingly you should have a great time!

- since we have an inflatable screen we are the whim of mother nature. If the weather forecast is showing wind gusts of 25km or higher, we probably will have to cancel the screening that night. PLEASE NOTE: the wind often goes down later in the evening. If you are checking weather for yourself make sure to look at the HOURLY forecast for the time the movie plays. Just because its windy at 6pm does not mean it is at show time.

- always double check website and social media before coming out as movie schedule is subject to change.

- you will need an FM radio to listen to the audio. (yes you watch the movie from inside your vehicle)

- standard sized vehicles only (no RV's for example)

- please plan to support our concession and help us be around for many years to come

Older movies: $20 per carload (works out to be $6.66 each for 3 people and $5.00 each for 4 people, etc)
An older movie has been out on DVD for a long time already.

Newer movies: $25 per carload (works out to be $8.33 each for 3 people and $6.25 each for 4 people, etc)

Standard sized vehicles only, with a maximum of 6 passengers.

NO DEBIT. Bring cash.

We are having a Harry Potter movie marathon!

Tuesday August 22: Order of the Phoenix

Thursday August 24:

Friday August 25: Deathly Hallows 1

Saturday August 26: Deathly Hallows 2

Tuesday August 29: Deathly Hallows 1 & 2 double header!

- Admission is $20 per vehicle except for the August 29th double header. That night is $30.

- You will need a working FM radio

- Bring cash for admission, popcorn, and Butter Beer! We have no debit. (Butter Beer is a sweet non-alcoholic beverage)

- we play movies on an inflatable screen and thus have to cancel if winds are too high or excessive rain is forecast. Always check our social media before coming out. For this same reason do not postpone seeing a movie until tomorrow if your available today. Sometimes tomorrow never comes. Saskatchewan weather is unpredictable.

First movie of the double header on Tuesday August 29th is about 8:30pm.

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