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Featuring the Jubilee Drive-in. Located in gorgeous Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan.

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(please note we are unable to answer questions about future movie titles. If its not below we do not know yet)
Movies play RAIN OR SHINE.
We are actually a great thing to do on a rainy night when no other outdoor activity is possible. Its nice and dry in your car right?

All upcoming information is subject to change at anytime. Always double check this webpage before coming out.
If attendance and weather both stay favorable we may continue to show movies into October. Watch this site and Facebook for updates on that.

Why are we not playing "new" movies?
In order to play first run (new) movies we are required to have a digital projector. The movie studios no longer supply the old style print. Being a small seasonal business this is a VERY expensive undertaking. It can literally be up to a decade's worth of profits to do this.

Fortunately for us there is a fantastic fund raising committee that has been formed locally who are working hard to help the Jubilee drive-in get the upgrade it needs. In the meantime, we are not closing the doors but rather thinking outside of the box and playing some fun older movies.

Why are we not playing older Marvel/Disney/etc/etc?
Under our current "oldies" format and equipment not all movie studios will support us and licence movies. There are a couple of hold-out studios that require a full digital upgrade to work with. So this has limited what is available to us.
If you follow us on Facebook you will know that every year we put out a huge list of titles for our fans to vote on and we play the movies with most votes over the course of the season.

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Use the google map below to find us.
The Jubilee is one of only a handful of Drive-In movie theatres in Western Canada. Located in the resort community of Manitou Beach the drive-in is one of many fun attractions in the area.

From Saskatoon: a little over an hour away.
From Regina/Moose Jaw: less than 2 hours away.
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- Bring cash! There is no debit or ATM.

- Sound is delivered via FM radio. If you do not have a working FM radio you will NOT be able to listen to the movie. There are no speaker stands like the old days. Too many people drove away with them still attached to car :)

- Please plan to visit our concession. Without your support we will be unable to keep this drive in open and strong.

- Gate usually opens about 30 minutes prior to show time. Please do NOT open a closed gate and come in.

The community of Watrous/Manitou Beach has a world famous mineral lake, golf, mini golf, camping, unique shopping, as well as many places to eat and spend the night.
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