Drive-In Movie Theatre
Newly re-located to RiverPark, Lumsden.

Use the map above to find driving directions to RiverPark. Just click "view larger map" to add your starting location.

Upcoming movie schedule
(subject to change at anytime)

We will be playing movies Friday and Saturdays (Sundays of a long weekend) in May and June. More days of the week may be added in July and August if our support is strong.

Remember... come early as space is limited. And always check our facebook or twitter before coming out. We will do our best to post updates regarding sell outs, cancellations due to weather, etc.

Our twitter handle is @MoviesMoonlight

Admission rates
Older movies: $20 per carload (works out to be $6.66 each for 3 people and $5.00 each for 4 people, etc)
An older movie is one that is out on DVD already

Newer movies: $25 per carload (works out to be $8.33 each for 3 people and $6.25 each for 4 people, etc)
A newer movie is one that is NOT yet out on DVD

Standard sized vehicles only, with a maximum of 6 passengers.

NO DEBIT. Bring cash.

IMPORTANT - please read
- movies will be displayed on an inflatable screen (pictured above). This means it could sometimes sway a bit in the wind, have a wrinkle, moonlight on screen, etc. Regina and area has several chain cinemas with awesome sound and picture quality for when you want that "perfect" audio and video. We strive to put the best product on screen, but are not perfect to those standards. People come to the drive-in movie for the experience of outdoor cinema. If you adjust your expectations accordingly you should have a great time!

- adverse weather can cause us to cancel a screening. We strongly suggest you follow us on twitter (@MoviesMoonlight) as we will do our best on movie nights to tweet updates regarding movie status, parking lot capacity, etc.

- you will need an FM radio to listen to the audio. (yes you watch the movie from inside your vehicle)

- standard sized vehicles only (no RV's for example)

- we are unable to play "first run" movies this season. But with your support we can work towards that. We will be showing a variety of older classics and newer(er) movies that have been in theatres for awhile but not yet on home video

- please plan to support our concession and help us be around for many years to come

- NO INTERAC/DEBIT. Bring cash


Looking for information about the Manitou Beach/Watrous drive-in? Unfortunately we were unable to get a new lease. We have no information on the future status of that location.